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How we work

Our goal with the agile methodology is to develop our clients' software efficiently and flexibly. The agile methodology is a development process that enables the development team to stay in constant communication with the client and respond quickly to any changes that may arise throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Based on the agile methodology, we break the development process down into smaller tasks that can be completed within a short period of time. This allows the team to identify problems in a timely manner and respond flexibly to client needs.

The advantages of the agile methodology include effective communication and ongoing contact with the client, ensuring that developers take all aspects into account when designing the software. We continuously take client feedback into consideration, making it easy to adapt to changing requirements during the development process.

Other benefits of the agile methodology include improving product quality and reducing development time. With the agile methodology, the development team can work effectively together, ensuring that projects are completed on time and meet client requirements.

In summary, the agile methodology is an efficient and flexible development process that ensures that client needs are taken into account, that high-quality products are created, and that deadlines are met.

What software have we developed?

Sports event manager application

Organization of running competitions.

Online accounting system

Auditor evaluation application.

Industry data collection and analysis application

Evaluation of pressure curves. Prediction using machine learning.

Theatre ticketing app

Theater ticket sales with seat map.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Insurance company customer management application.

History quiz mobile app

History Research institute mobile quiz game.

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We are presenting some examples above, and we are also working on many other projects. We put a lot of emphasis on safety in each project.

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